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Ye Pirates of Unit Testing

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of the few holidays that I respect. As a result…ye scurvy dogs…this is what pirates would have said about The Zen of Unit Testing:


Yarr! The pirate asked the captain:

    “Ye landlubbers! When can I stop writing tests? arrrr…”

The captain answered me mateys:

    “When you stop writing code avast.”

The pirate asked avast:

    “Arrr! When do I stop writing code?”

The captain answered:

    “Ahoy! When you become a manager of Jones’s locker.”

The pirate trembled and asked:

    “Shiver me timbers! When do I become a manager of Davey Jones’s locker?”

The captain answered:

    “Heave to! When you stop writing tests and if you ask me again you will walk the plank!”

Avast! The pirate rushed to write some tests. yarr arrrr…

If the code deserves to be written ye landlubbers, it deserves to have tests. ye landlubbers shiver me timbers

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