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Response To Effective Communication Channels

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A few weeks ago I posted the Whiteboard Wednesday – Effective Communication Channels. Mike McCaffrey had some good insights that my thoughts were only half baked and that I needed to see it from both sides of the coin.

Like the video says, the message still doesn’t change – we need to be cognizant of the channels of communication that we use. However, depending on who’s time we are attempting to optimize the channels that we speak on may be different for both syndicate and consumer.

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One Response to “Response To Effective Communication Channels”

  1. Mike on April 9th, 2008 9:07 am

    Well said!

    I am still having flashbacks to a project I was on 7 years ago, where the director like to have all-hands meetings at least once a week, where the entire department would sit there twiddling their thumbs for an hour while he went around the room talking to people one at a time. That sure was some rich communication for him, but torture for us.

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