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Never Lose a Thought Again – Carry a Moleskine

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Most developers have thoughts racing through their minds at break-neck speeds. I am no different, but it was only this year I learned to capture those thoughts as they occur – I started carrying a moleskine.

You are probably thinking, “What a schmuck, he is telling me to write down my ideas”. You are partially correct, but more importantly I am suggesting form the habit of carrying a notebook everywhere.

You can have ideas anywhere, and it is important you that you get them down as quickly as possible. Everywhere I go, I carry my mini-moleskine. I have stopped in my tracks to write down ideas:

Cereal To-Go

You don’t have to exclusively carry a moleskine. Plain notepads or PDAs can act as digital moleskines. For extra fun, there are plenty of moleskine hacks such as dream journals, stashing extra cash, or even a hard drive case.

So what is in my moleskine for future posts? Here is a sneak peek into the future of codesqueeze. Whats in your moleskine?

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One Response to “Never Lose a Thought Again – Carry a Moleskine”

  1. Sachman Bhatti on December 31st, 2007 8:37 pm

    Alan Watts! I just found your blog today, and I’ve enjoyed every article. I was thinking, what a smart guy…then you mentioned Alan Watts and now I’m confident you’re a smart guy.

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