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This Means War!!!

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Sorry for the off-topic post, initially I wasn’t going to ask – but I need everyones help!

First off, let me remind you that every week I fill your noodle with expert psychoanalysis of the everyday software developer for the low cost of jack squat. All I am asking for in return is 3 measly mouse clicks!

I am currently in a contest called Shoeperstar where I was nominated as one of the 3 finalists. This morning things looked completely in the bag, I think the vote was 80:15:15 – nothing short of a landslide.

However, as the day has progressed it has become a race to the finish with the current vote – 118:19:93.

Please do me a favor and go vote right now!

PS – Then when you are done come back and enter my latest speed contest and also vote on the latest Developer vs. Developer – I know…I know…I ask alot!

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