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The Wisdom Of Insecurity

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In theory, with experience comes wisdom, but what are the results of that wisdom?

Better technical decisions? Sure.
Better communication skills? Why not.
More confidence? Never.

One of the greatest gifts my experiences have given me is the gift – insecurity. I have learned not to assume a refactor will be easy. I have learned not to optimistically estimate. I have learned NOT to allow the first possible solution be the only explored solution to a problem.

One of my favorite authors, Alan Watts, wrote a book called The Wisdom of Insecurity which talked about why it is good to question organized religion. It is not my point to argue religion in these thoughts; rather give accreditation to the practice of insecurity.

Developer pitfalls such as underestimation, short sightedness, and buggy software can all be avoided with the practice of insecurity, and avoiding pitfalls is the first sign of a wiser developer.

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