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Squeezed Links: August 2007

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  • Writing Maintainable Code – Does writing maintainable code mean writing the best code you can or writing code with technology your successors can understand? Good thought stuff by Paul Bourdeaux.
  • The Worst Type of Project Manager – If you have ever had a Project Manager that has allowed shit to roll down hill onto you, this is a great read that will boost your spirits and hope.
  • That’s Hot Code – Great tips on how you can write ‘hot’ code.
  • For Want of a Nail – Think that broken unit test is trivial? It has larger ramifications than you think.
  • Design By Metaphor – If a client says he wants his new auction site to be “like eBay,” what does that mean? An artist hears “It has a tacky color scheme.” A developer hears “It’s scalable to 20 million users.” A user hears “It has feedback ratings on all sellers.
  • On Software Teams – Jeremy amends his Programming Manifesto with rules that teams should live by.

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