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Skull Candy Headphones – Heaven’s Gift

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Skull Candy Headphones - Skull Crushers

I do not normally post hardware reviews, but it seems like headphones are a common tool of the trade. Additionally, I can not stop gushing about this product. Long story short: OMG, I am so deaf! Best headphones ever.

For sometime I had been looking to replace my current headphones. Like an old baseball cap, my Sony headphones were comfortably broken-in and ever reliable. Unfortunately, their old age had started to show and it was time to retire them. I searched high and low and to no avail suitable replacements were never found.

A recent trip to the local Best Buy turned fruitful when my eye caught the Skull Candy brand. I tested two models – Lowrider and Skullcrusher. I couldn’t resist the most wicked brand name ever and bought the Skullcrushers. I have not stopped grinning since.

First, both the Lowriders and Skullcrushers are amazing in the high to mid ranges. Crisp and clear sound at every volume level. The low mid to low range is where they begin to differ.

I was slightly disappointed with the Lowriders in the low mid range. My coding music is predominately techno, and my old headphones out played the Lowriders in this range. As a result, I had to say goodbye to these headphones.

Then came the Skullcrushers. Compared to the Lowriders, the Skullcrushers are heavier and slightly more clumsy. Immediately, I felt that these headphones were very comfortable; ones I could wear for 24+ hours. I gave these headphones a test drive with Prodigy – Hyperspeed. Now I have a detached retina. When they mean subwoofer headphones, they really mean subwoofer headphones. Physically these headphones vibrate with bass.

Next up, I tried a little Weezer and NOFX just to make sure that the Skullcrushers were not too bass heavy. At the Prodigy bass level (50%), they sounded amazing. If that much bass is not for you, it is always adjustable.

The Good

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Resonably priced: Lowrider:$39 – Skullcrusher:$69
  • Lifetime warranty under normal use. 50% warranty under any use
  • Comes with a fun sticker (shut up, I like stickers)

The Bad

  • Short 5′ chord
  • Skullcrushers have awakward battery box
  • Skullcrushers battery lifetime (1AA) < 40 hours of heavy use.
  • Lowriders weak in the lower ranges
  • Lowriders leak some sound due to DJ flips

The combination of clear highs and the ability to tune in the lows make the Skull Candy brand the hottest to date. Jazz boppers and metal heads alike can appreciate these headphones as they will bring home stereo sound into the office.

4 StarsSkullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider

5 StarsSkullcandy SCS-SCBP3.5 Skullcrushers

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